Development of this program is a way forward not only to continue existing interventions through an integrated approach but to expand their scope and introduce new interventions.

The National Program for Family Planning and Primary Health Care, also known as the Lady Health Workers Program (LHWP), launched in 1994. The Program objectives contribute to the overall health sector goals of improvement in maternal and newborn child health and provision of Family Planning services. This country wide initiative extended outreach health services to rural populations and urban slum communities through deployment of over 46,000 Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and 1850 Lady Health Supervisors (LHSs) in all over the Punjab are working with 70% coverage (37% in Urban and 85% in Rural area) and contributed to bridge the gap between health facilities and communities.

National Maternal and Newborn Child Health (MNCH)Program (2006-2012) was lunched nationwide with a goal to improve maternal, newborn and child health of the population, particularly among its poor, marginalized and disadvantaged segments. The program is contributing to strengthen Emergency Obstetric care services at DHQ, THQ hospitals and RHCs. Further, this program has introduced a new cadre of Community-Midwives (CMWs) for skilled deliveries at community level.

Preventive services are being provided in 36 districts of Punjab through LHWs which include screening of under 5 children and PLWs, IYCF counselling, Provision of IRON, Vitamin-A and MMS to Mother and Child. Curative Nutrition services were initially started in 2010 in the selected BHUs of 7 flood effected districts (D.G. Khan, Layyah, Muzafargarh, Rajanpur, Mianwali, Bhakkar and R.Y.Khan). By achieving the good results of this initiative, the Government of the Punjab decided to implement it all over the Punjab in 3 phases. Now Total 589 Outdoor Therapeutic Programs (OTPs) in 22 District at RHC/BHU level and 18 Stabilization Centers (SCs) in 14 Districts at DHQ/THQ level. Treatment of Severely Acute Malnourished Children without medical complication by provision of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) is carried out at OTPs. Treatment of Severely Acute Malnourished Children with medical complication by provision of medical treatment and therapeutic formulas F75 and F100 carried out at SCs.